I went for another run today which was much like my previous run being in excess of 23km. I found it quite difficult however and really had to push through the strain. I started off by reverse-completing my last route with a few extra bits. The first extra bit was a meander around Well Street Common, which was looking rather dry. This is an extension to Victoria park that I’ve never really noticed before. I did see it on map at one point so when I caught a glimpse of flat open ground through the side railing along the edge of Victoria park, I thought I’d investigate.

I pretty much did a trail run for most of the first part of the run, running on turf. This is good. Then instead of going down to Limehouse basin first, I decided to first go to the London Stadium. Like much of the route so far, I reversed the direction I went around it. I went clockwise this time. I took a picture of the large screen on the side of the stadium. Even at this point I was starting to feel tired. So, much of the run from this point was tough but I pull through – I always do.

The run down to Limehouse basin was as entertaining as always, I was able to run up hills and through parks including the Ecology Pavilions which I’m sure look even better when there is less sun and the grass has a reprieve. The next part was through the At Pavilion which is always a nice climb. Then Mile end park and ran straight through, its really nice.  So still a lot of anti-camber running. however from that point on towards Limehouse Basin its tough camber and my knees and feet started to ache more. My GPS says that I can run on water as it plotted my course through Regents Canal. Ran the docks at the end.

The run back was tough. I just plodded as my pace dropped and kept pushing. At some points I was actually worried how tough it was but every time I continued to push though, made me realise that I just need to not quit. As a side note, never quit, its not worth quitting. Preserver .

Here is my little epic run:

The official distance according to my GPS was 24.48km and it took me 2h and 3 minutes. Pace was 5min/km.

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