Well I went on this run and it was a really good run. I ran by myself because the others weren’t ready and I’m a bit of a creature of trend and so I go when I’ve planned to go, I go. Not much changes my mind.

 It turned out to be a pretty speedy run (4”40) and I had complete control of the pace, distance and route. I really enjoyed it.

Here are the details:




I switched out the route many times on the run and that was fun. The nice thing about being out on your own, almost always the ability to indulge yourself in whatever strikes your fancy. If I saw a cool little path out from the side, I’d take it and see where it goes. If I wanted to cut through the park and come out the other side, I’d do that too.


I ran further than usual, past the entrance to Victoria Park and carried on running-on the canal. I’m a usual 8-10km runner. Anything more than that and I’m not really accustomed to it. These wednesday runs of late have been around 12km which is a bit of a push and that’s good.

I’ve started paying attention generally to my heart rate since I bought my 235. According to it I’ve got a VO2 Max of 60ml/kg and a resting heart rate of around 50bpm. This is all quite good in terms of fitness. So that’s positive.


I’ve been finding that with my “black mambas”(Nike frees) that if I keep to the road my feet get a bit of a hammering and after the run they are sore. So this time I went off-road a lot. This really really helped and my feet were much better after the run. I’ll do that again. Grass and greens are the way to go. I ran around some sort of memorial in the centre of Victoria Park which was cool. I think I’ll do that again. 

I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I’ve substantially reduced my running volume since joining the new Company in the City. The result however is that I do these 10:30 wednesday runs now. So it’s not all bad and in fact it’s a crucial. 

It’s also summer and I’ve reduced my gym hours too. I used to go in the morning but now something about summer has mad me prefer going after work instead. And actually I go less in the gym now which turns out to have had a positive effect on my performance and fitness(and probably my body)

 What I do know is factor about 15mins of cardio in my gym routine these days. I love riding first, then it’s the stair master. Both for 5 mins and then I start the heavy lifting(maybe just heavy to me). I bookend this with cardio, finish the same way I started but additionally I finish with a 5min run, which loosens me out. And that’s how I’m playing it right now. 

Yesterday, I had a leg workout and did this first then proceeded to squats, lunges and jumping lunges(I’m getting good at these). 

Did heavy leg presses but my back started to strain so I switched and did hamstrings. 

I was going to do deadlifts but because I went all out on the leg press, my back wasn’t ready for that. Also, couldn’t do straight-up quads via leg extensions because some dude was bumming on the machine the whole time and it was already at an above 1h workout so I called it in and had a vanilla shake. Probably a good thing. If I don’t stop I’ll just keep going until I don’t know when. 

Tomorrow I’ve got my Wednesday run, which was what this was about and somehow I’ve morphed it into I don’t know what. I’ll probably run it slower but I’ll opt for taking the guys off-road if only to safe my feet and for the sake of variety!


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