I went for a run with the guys from work after what has been about 2 months of recovery and being out of action. Firstly. I made it. They guys knew it was my first day back but they didn’t accommodate me. We ran faster than I can remember we ever ran. So I’ve got a plan up my sleeve… I’m going to keep this run as the bar and I’m going to get so much better at this run and soon I’m going to be making these guys struggle as I did. Its going to be friendly, competitive payback. Anyway, lets analyse the run.

Firstly, 13.72km at an average pace of 4’11 min/km is outside of my comfort zone. I don’t usually run more than 10km and normally I like to average about 4’30 min/km. So it was a bit of a push for my first day back and that’s being moderate. V02 Maxed out at 45ml/kg/min with PTE a loaded 3.9. Quite impressive really. But I shouldn’t tried to give into their run – i should’ve run my own race. I didn’t I was impatient and wanted to keep up. Silly.

So its game on now, my aim will be to get 4’10 min/km comfortably so that I can improve and then push these guys until they surrender!!

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