I ran from my new office in Liverpool Street to Finchley Road station. It's was really nice. It usually is nice when it's a new route. This one saw me run for quite a long time next to the canal running through London near Camden. I ran with my laptop. I wanted to see what the route would be like if I ran this route after work.

I must admit that running in the city is a lot more fun than running in the country. This is partly because there is so little lighting in the country and in the city it's busier and livelier. Also you can run when it's dark because it's never really dark on the streets with all the ships, businesses and traffic. Some people wouldn't like that but personally having run for the past year on country roads, I'm happy to be back running in the city.

And running with my laptop wasn't that bad at all, in fact it was painful as I thought it might be. I thought my back would be under a lot of stress but it wasn't. I think this is partly down to the fact that it was suitably strapped down. Because, if I'm going to on a train to work in the morning, then I'd like to use my laptop, kinda means I need to take it home with me. This was a good exercise.

I got lost a few times, but I just had to retrace my steps to rejoin the route. All in all,  it took me 1h over 1km. As I said, wasn't particularly hard but then again I couldn't run hard with the route and laptop.

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