This weekend was all about resting. I almost decided to go running but I figured that I really need to use what extra time I have to rest. I’ll have plenty of time to go running this week. That was a good because my run today was great.  I slept most of Sunday and it was beautiful.

I got reading about 3D graphics from I book that I got at a great price over the internet. It basically was supposed to by a book that would give me a good introduction into 3D game graphics. It turned out to be pretty tough going in this respect as it was basically an advanced description of the mathematics used in various aspects of computer aided graphics with a lean towards game programming. It was heavy in the mathematics department without much context into gaming. It was pretty boring. Sure it talked about various kinds of things like polygon meshes(which is pretty much the only thing I enjoyed) but it went into concise detail regarding Bezier paths, patches, Constructed Solid Graphics, and everything that sort made reference to gaming seemed totally un-relatable in a practical sense. For instance there was stuff about terrains but nothing I read about that peaked my interest in a way that I might use what they were saying in gaming – it was just so out of context. Also there was too much stuff that was so complicated and that just irritated me. Its a big book so I just moved on. It was just too much about advanced geometry that I didn’t understand and not enough about gaming and game engine stuff. I got an appreciation though for what kinds of boring stuff you need to take into consideration(maybe not even that as most of the stuff is in hardware now) when considering the graphics side of things. I think I will come back to this book when I start figuring out what half of this stuff means or is – Interpolation, matrix transformations and scaling and crap like that. I did learn about the z-axis however – not in the book but on you tube because I was confused about what they book was going on about.

I also downloaded the source code for a game engine that is used/developed in the Game Coding Complete book I’m reading. Then I downloaded the windows 10 SDK because that’s where the DirectX SDK is not incorporated only to find that the source code can’t integrate with the SDK in this way . The DirectX Extensions SDK is no more and the source code relies on it. Well thats sucky as it was a 2GB download. Anyway I’ll just have to get the last Direct X release with is the june 2010 release…

I also downloaded Blender and launched that in the hopes I could get an appreciation for it. I can appreciate this much: I have no idea how to use it and I don't know what it does and nothing makes sense to me. But I know one thing, I’d like to use it to make models and texture maps.

Oh and I downloaded a library which claims to allow shared_ptr<> type tracking of pointers like C++ but in C! Its called libcptr but I’ve yet to look at it. I like the idea that you can not care about your pointers with shared_ptr in C++ but in C you’ve got no such option. This ability in the one thing that makes C++ really appealing to me – not really the OOPs stuff(which is used to make shared_ptrs anyway).

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