The final output of the Computer Games Architecture class was the creation of a game engine using MonoGame to create and model a game. I found this particularly useful and fun.

I created a game called MonoMazer which uses the game engine I put together. Here is the guide I put together for the game MonoMazer which describes the high-level architecture. The source code is in the link. A little demonstration of the prototype follows afterwards.

Through my journey in putting together the game idea I needed to design it, including the story and coming up with an elevator 'pitch' - these were also really interesting and are covered in Mazer Game Design and Network Security and Protocols, Packets and Prototypes.

I've also ported the original game idea from C# to Ruby in Ruby Mazer

The game as I designed, which was based on an outworld mining planet it hasn't been fully realised in the below prototypes, but hopefully when I have some more time I can create it with more assets, animation and content.

This is the prototype that I submitted for grading early in 2020:





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