I didn’t want to get up to go to the gym on Saturday morning - I’m not exactly sure why but I was unusually tired. I did go to the gym later that morning after I woke up more easily. I did my usual back and bicep training and felt quite strong on the pull-up bar.

Had to adjust my routine somewhat because there was a couple working out together who used the Smith machine for most of their workout. I’m surprised they weren’t taking selfies of each other or snapchatting. It’s the January crowd – I guess they should be gone within a couple of weeks.

There are far too many people in the gym that late in the morning on a Saturday. I’ll try not to repeat.  I’ve picked up some weight and my runs are a little slower but that’s to be expected however I’m doing pretty good otherwise. My midweek run was quite enjoyable because I just took it easy and enjoyed the process. Sometimes I can force myself to run a certain way and then the whole run is just about that. This time it was just about a comfortable momentum – but decent sub 5 min/km pace where otherwise I’d be aiming for 4’30 pace.

I’m still reading more about software engineering and professional development learning theories as part of my coursework. There is a lot of stuff there and sometimes It seems like is the only thing I’m ever doing. Sometimes it’s, well, just stuff that I’ve got to write about and I wish it was less theoretical. What I like about ‘theory’ is not what most other’s like about theory: Report writing, simulating being a project manager etc…

My tutor thinks I’m dyslexic because the presentation of my recent assignment was so mixed up, she said that she had to check the university system to see if I was officially registered as Dyslexic. I’m not, but perhaps my motivation in the last assignment made me a bit sloppy, I don’t know. I passed by the skin of my teeth. I also passed my other assignment but again, it could have been a lot better.

I’ve put it aside in last week because my interest has waned somewhat and instead, I spent the train journeys writing extensions to my investing application. I’ve added a few noticeable improvements.

For one, I’ve successfully implemented a framework to handle two classes of errors – JavaScript (like ‘function is not defined’) and server errors – like 404 and 500s. This feature, or lack thereof, while not critical has been annoying me for a while, I’ve just endured with not having it. The upshot of this work is that I don’t have to inspect the JavaScript console to find a logged error message – it goes to is very own error page – very nice. Also, errors could be missed in the console if they weren’t causing any noticeable issues in the program. It’s useful to now see your errors explicitly. Anyway, this basically entailed implementing and ErrorHandler class in Angular.

The other thing I’ve implemented is the ability to define the datatype of a custom entity, this is with the view that later on when defining a new or interpreting an existing custom entity, I’ll be able to determine if it’s a number, a string, a list etc. This makes it easier I think down the line when I want to write analysis queries that interrogate an investment’s custom entity. That query/analysis feature, however, is still currently in the clouds of my mind, forming and desperately trying to be defined.

I’ve also implemented a notification service whereby I can issue notifications throughout the applications and they then all manifest the same way – as a popup at the top of the applications that disappears after a set time-out or is acknowledged with a tap. That’s a pretty cool I think anyway.

I also finally figured out how to populate a drop-down list from enum values in angular (surprisingly not easy) as well as implement paging for some of the data views that are getting a bit too long. 

I’ve also implemented a ‘switch views’ in the investment details page that alternates viewing all the investment’s details in either a compact view (with tabs) or a ‘by headings’ view.

I have realised that my CSS is not as good as it could be and this is something, I’ll invest some time in the future. For now, bootstrap is covering my ass big time

I went to the doc the other day and got a referral to see an ENT specialist, which I’ll probably do. Apparently, I have asymmetric hearing and a difference of 40db around the 4kh frequencies range in the right ear.

I’ve written some theory about my experiences learning functional programming in C# using Language Ext specifically from a point of view of never really needing it and being asked to use it. I worked on it mostly on Friday at work. A lot of my readings and experiences about it have been from this perspective. Kinda like trying to figure out not the merits of it, but how they actually translate into actual C# and into my thought processes as a developer.

I watched Blade Runner again today.


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