The last couple of days have seen me working mostly on learning the math involved DirectX 12. I've gotten to a point where I've got a good inkling as to how and more importantly why vertices have to be transformed from local coordinate space to world coordinate space. Less obvious however is the transformation to view and projection space but for now, I'm happy to know just how and why it needs to be done. I've formulated my thinking around Matrix algebra and other theory in DirectX math, coursework and some films

I took a bit of a break from my 3D graphics study and did some study of learning theories presented in my CPD coursework and also continued somewhat with my Software Engineering coursework. A good strategy I always find with this stuff is to read through it all first to get a general idea, then re-read it with more focus next time around. In this way, my speed reading capabilities have increased wonderfully. So I'm happy that I was able to be productive with my studies in this regard.

I went to the gym as per usual, albeit a little later than usual(seeing that have the time to go later) and I've rather enjoyed this. I also took out an interesting book Maths Ideas Really Need Know which is quite fun and has helped me appreciate a lot of stuff.

I've very recently(Christmas Eve) started reading my humongous Dietel C++ How to Program book which I'm really enjoying and it must be said that its a lot of fun to read because it's so exacting. The only thing is that its so big and I've had to change physical positions between each chapter. I've only got through the first 5 chapters and it's late now so I really must go to bed. I gave up an opportunity, though not begrudgingly, to watch Jurassic World for a little foray into arrays and pointers(what a life, eh?).

So it really has been a good holiday in general, I've done a lot but I've also rested a lot while doing a lot.

Just before I started reading the Dietel book, I started messing around with my tablet again(I recently replaced its SSD) and found that Ubuntu 14.04 was crashing a lot. I spend a lot of time(and bandwidth) trying to fix the problem, ultimately resorting to upgrading it which then ultimately failed and effectively 'bricked' the damned thing.

So I bit the bullet and downloaded Fedora 29 after an initial failed download of 1.7Gb! Fedora ultimately got installed and is currently running very well indeed. I've not given it the same time that Ubuntu had - so it still could reveal problems if indeed the problems are not software related - which I hope they are... But so far, so good - perhaps the latest software has remedied it. Silly bloody thing. I had my dad on call to give me Linux advice which is a privileged position to be for most children!

I suspect however that my tablet will not see much action, as it hasn't featured much in my time thus far.

An interesting development. which has luckily passed now was I strained my back a little during deadlifts on Monday, I felt it was a bit tight and strained on a few lifts and after my workout, I was a little tender. Doing this is kinda unusual for me, as I usually am quite careful and attentive to my body's messaging so that why I though that this was so interesting. Anyway, thankfully the rest I had took paid off.

 I've finally finished reading the bulk of the Dietel book having covered STL. I've Covered control structures, Functions, Arrays, Pointer and C-style strings, Classes and data abstraction, operator overloading. polymorphism, templates, Streams, Exceptions. Files, Strings, Preprocessor and the Standard Template Library. So I've got a good handle on the theory, now I just need to get stuck into making my C++ Library which used Autotools however I might consider CMake this time.

To infinity... and beyond!

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