I wear reading glasses. Not all the time though - only when I’m reading or working on the computer because I’ve got an astigmatism that makes my brain work harder when I try and focus on seeing things, especially small things – like small fonts and stuff. For instance, my one eye has got the astigmatism while the other is fine and by brain tries to workout the differences between the two eye’s interpretation of any picture, kinda like a 2-way merge process and because this process can be fairly process-intensive over a long period, I can get tired. That’s roughly how the optometrist explained it to me – I made up the bit about the 2-way merge though… So for studying or reading, I tend to get really tired and I’ve been known to just quit or fall asleep!

I don’t really realise how useful they are until I put them on and details become high-def, and then high-def really has a meaning. The other day I sat behind a woman on the bus and she was reading a book, I glanced over hear shoulder momentarily but couldn’t read/see what she was reading – put my specs on, any I could, even from where I was sitting behind her, make out large portions of her storybook – which I think was in polish, or some other foreign language. My sight was acute enough to make out that it wasn’t English. Pretty impressive. I’m like superman with x-ray vision, ok its not that but it feels like a super power at times.

I don't run with them or anything like that, and I’ve never needed them – I’ve done without them for the best part of 30 years. My normal vision is pretty good and I’m not going to be reading any books while I wiz-by the sidewalk. I also like to wear them when I watch tv and movies – like on Sunday I watched the new Underworld film, which is about the war between Werewolves and Vampires(btw: It got bad reviews on rotten tomatoes but I enjoyed it)

Been reading C# in a nutshell 2nd edition to and from work most days (that's why I had to put on my specs when I was in the bus behind that woman btw). I’m rather enjoying it – reading that is and not what other people in front of me is reading, but the c# book, duh!

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