I find it particularly interesting that I do not - though perhaps I always thought I should – particularly enjoy Shakespeare or theatre in general.

Perhaps its art that I’m not overly excited about. Its a worthy discipline sure, with large amounts of work and passion. Its got a large following and people generally tend to enjoy art. I am not particularly one who has put himself forward to compete or complete any type of art project. Never really tried. Almost like someone who’s not really found any particular interest in singing like the opera or even ballet dancing for that matter.   Perhaps its just that – I’ve never tried it and I’ve never really wanted to. Perhaps that's the reason. That's probably the reason. But its interesting, because like a lot of things – sometimes you feel that its something you should know something about or at least be knowledge about. That phenomena is strange to me but it does exist. Almost like something tells you that it is a good idea to.

I though about this as I was going up an escalator at South Wimbledon station having seen all the posters about the various plays on at various theatres. Perhaps its because I live in London, South London or perhaps London in general, that emphasis is on the Arts and such. Never really felt anything for it, only a distant sense of curiosity, never anything more than that.

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