I've just finished watching Midnight in Paris for, what seems, like the umpteenth time. I'm always left feeling pleased and remarkably content after watching it because the main character represents an unassuming authenticity which I wish was more common.

The main character is honest, unpretentious and, in many ways, a naive main character who has no underlying agenda or malice towards anyone - a peaceful, and seemingly likeable existence. Yet, he is now gradually realizing that the price he is paying for this, is a mediocre life.

Through the film, he slowly realized that he has deprived himself of his underlying ambitions in order to take the path of least resistance in life. He has a pretentious fiance who chides and cheats on him and is ultimately at odds with him.

He mysteriously time travels into the past - seemingly induced by a quiet desperation or longing to be in the past where he can fulfil his true ambitions of being a writer without the reality of his present.

However, in finding solace by escaping to the past, he soon realises that the past can't solve his problems and that he is merely kicking the can further down the road, so to speak, and that to fix his problems he needs to take charge of his circumstance in the present which happens to mean taking a stand to fulfil his ambitions, and leaving his fiance.

It's quite an entertaining watch as you get to meet Hemmingway, Picaso, Dali, Gertrude Stein, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and other influential figures of the past.

Its a Woody Allen film and stars Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.

Will watch it again.

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