I was able to reach home after 2 failed attempts at running back home over the last week. I managed only to do about half of my planned running. I found that about halfway through the run my tummy started to act up - I was bloated and really uncomfortable. I had to stop and walk back. Still, half is still something.

Thankfully on Saturday, I was able to go out and finish my run, so whatever was up with my tummy is alright now. I managed to do about 10km which was good considering, and should be able to get back into the swing of things.

There is certainly something to be said about the feeling of getting out vs not getting out i.e I find its much better to just even to make it out than to think you did not even get that. A large portion of success is turning up even if that means walking back the rest of the way home :-). I think that this is an interesting aspect of psychology.

I spend the rest of the weekend formulating a research essay that is due in September I think. It requires a summary of 3 papers and an accompanying critical review. I've found that when it comes to essays, the best thing you can do is read things and then leave a period of time to reflect, percolate if you will. The other is to make notes on the first pass. I'd read the 3 papers and made my notes well in advance of me putting pen to paper (or rather, in this new age: fingers to keyboard). 

A large frustration at times to choosing what not to write about because ultimately there is always more to discuss and it comes down to selecting things that you think are more important than others. I always enjoyed creative writing as school though I'm not sure I was any good at it. I still enjoy it. 

I've been investigating the impact of upgrading our database migration process and I've found it really useful to document my findings and results in a wiki. I find this gives me the confidence to sensibly forget things (externalize) so that I can concentrate on the new tasks at hand. I'm then able to refer back to what my findings suggested without 2nd-guessing myself as to what the result was or the situation/context was. I believe that my recent study and focus on research has helped me in this way a great deal and I suspect it will again in the future. Another great thing about it is that you can plan your next steps or predict your next steps as you're updating your current results/work.

It's also great to be given autonomy to 'do whatever it takes to get it done'. I seem to do quite well at those types of projects.

I ventured out for a bit of a walk today and being summer, it's still wonderfully sunny and pleasant. People are still wearing masks but a lot of them I'm sensing are feeling the novelty of it slowly wearing off because many were not wearing masks. Still compulsory however in shopping centres. I wear mine as soon as I leave my apartment. I also think people find it reassuring say If I enter the same lift as them, though I try to avoid this.

I've also started to grow my beard again. It's awesome, I love it.

I started once last year but it got scratchy and I hadn't used beard oil. This time I have and its a lot more 'wavy' and comfortable. Though at times, it does look a little mismanaged and I'm hoping that this is just the intermediary phase I'm in between having a sort of a beard to having a full-on one!

I've got to get myself up to scratch on how I'll need to groom it - going to the barbers in town is far too expensive now that travelling isn't huge on my priority list.


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